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Led the children of Israel out of Egypt
Literally, 'what is it?'; the bread which came from heaven and fed Israel in the wilderness
So God created ____ in his own image
Archangel, known as a warrior
King of Salem who blessed Abram after the battle of nations
This nation was one of two which came from Lot's descendants
Rabbi; Lord. No man can serve two of them
Paul preached a sermon in Athens on this hill
Lazarus and Mary's sister
Esther's uncle
Hebrew word for Christ
Nation from which Moses' father-in-law Jethro descended
If asked to walk one, we should walk two
Canaan is the land of _____ and honey
Honour your father and ___________
Hint'M' Answer
An event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency
The 'lid' of the Ark of the Covenant is the _______ seat
Along with the Persians, they conquered the Babylonian empire
Jesus' mother
Minor prophet who was a contemporary of Isaiah
Whatever you do, don't take the _____ of the beast
Elijah passed his _________ on to Elisha when he was taken up into heaven
Jesus' first miracle was at the _________ of Cana
Oldest man recorded in the Bible; Noah's grandfather
Region of Greece where the churches of Thessalonica and Philippi were located
Last book of the Old Testament
Tribe of Israel
Apostle who authored a Gospel
Non-apostle who authored a Gospel
Jesus cast seven devils out of Mary ___________, a close follower of his

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