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Hint'L' Answer
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy _________
A system of rules. is not justified by the works of the ____, but by the faith of Jesus Christ
Nation to the north of Israel, famed for it's cedars
Third book of the Pentateuch, containing many details of ritual law
One of Satan's names; literally, 'light-bearer'
One of the seven cardinal sins
Timothy's grandmother (Eunice's mother)
Dragon-like beast mentioned in Job
Contagious and incurable disease. Generally considered to represent sin
_____ is of God, God is _____.
One of the twelve apostles, also called Thaddeus
Rachel's father
Young sheep, one of which was used as a Passover sacrifice
Lukewarm church reprimanded in the book of Revelation
The third Egyptian plague
Hint'L' Answer
Unknown king, author of Proverbs 31
Female convert of Paul at Philippi. Seller of purple
Most common noun in the Bible. Title of a King or ruler
Jeremiah's 'other book', written after Jerusalem's fall
The wise virgins kept oil in theirs
Gospel writer and author of the Acts of the Apostles
Rachel's sister
Tribe of Israel
Paul's friend who stayed with him to the end. Traditionally the first bishop of Rome. Also Charlie Brown's blanket-holding friend
And God said, Let there be _______: and there was _______
Bread eaten during Passover was forbidden to have this ingredient
And death and hell were cast into the _____ of fire
Noah's father
Mary and Martha's brother. Jesus raised him from the dead.
Jacob dreamed of one reaching to heaven

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