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Hint'I' Answer
Son of Abraham and Sarah
Man is finite, but God is __________
Before the fall, Adam and Eve were guiltless, or _________
This was burned upon the golden altar in the holy place
Judas ___________, the traitor
Unable to die, heavenly beings are __________
He must _________, but I must decrease
Nebuchadnezzar's dream involved a statue with legs made of this material
Jacob's other name
Literally, 'God with us'. A name or title of Jesus Christ
Hint'I' Answer
An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship
God made man in his own _______
The book of Acts ends with Paul journeying to this modern country
Unable to be seen, God is __________
According to Paul, Abraham's faith was added, or _________, to him for righteousness
Son of Abraham and Hagar
A non-believer; one who denies the faith
Eli's grandson, his name means 'The glory is departed'
Major prophet. There are 66 chapters in his book
Tribe of Israel

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