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Hint'G' Answer
Judge who put out a fleece
Creator of everything
Father, Son, Holy ________
Fruit of the vine
Elisha's protege, ended up with leprosy
'The place of the skull'; another name for Calvary
They use it for pavement in Heaven
'By ______ are ye saved' (not by works)
Word meaning 'good news'
Opposite of Evil
Any non-Jewish person or nation
Archangel; messenger of God
First book of the Bible
King Saul's hometown
Tribe of Israel
Hint'G' Answer
What Ruth was doing in the fields of Boaz
Region from which Jesus came
Some strain at these, while swallowing camels
Honor, renown, or praise, all of which belongs to God
Noah's ark was made from this wood
David's extra-large foe
New Testament epistle written by Paul
Jesus cast devils out of the maniac of ____________
Son of Moses
Separate the sheep and the _______
O death, where is thy sting? O ______, where is thy victory?
_________ of Eden
Rabbi named in Acts, mentor of St. Paul
Literally, 'oil press'; garden where Jesus prayed before his passion
An excessively greedy eater, to the point of sin

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