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Hint'E' Answer
One of the seven cardinal sins. Similar to jealousy or covetousness.
Jacob's brother
Person, particularly a preacher or missionary, who seeks to proselytize others.
...shall not perish, but have ___________ life`
Prophet who rode a chariot to heaven
First left-handed man mentioned in scriptures
Synonym of bishop, pastor, presbyter. A church overseer
Famous scribe and contemporary of Nehemiah
Jewish queen for whom an Old Testament book is named
Resurrection Sunday; Celebration of Jesus' resurrection
Hint'E' Answer
Two disciples were on the road to this town when Jesus appeared to them
A letter; twenty-one of which are New Testament books
Prophet who preached to dry bones
Paul wrote an epistle to the church at this location
One of five Mosaic Books
Samuel's mentor and priest over Israel
Indefinite time period; period of time which has no end
Opposite of Good
Land where the Hebrews were under Pharaoh's bondage
Walked with God, and was not, for God took him

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