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Hint'D' Answer
The wages of sin
Evil arch-enemy of God and man; Lucifer
Persian king, funded restoration of Jewish Temple
Too tough for lions to eat
Unclean animal, but a popular Western house pet.
One of five Mosaic Books
Woman raised from dead by Peter
Destination of Saul (Paul) at time of conversion
Son of Jesse; father of Solomon
Although considered a mythical creature, Satan is represented as this.
Hint'D' Answer
Forsook Paul, having loved this present world
The 'other' name of Thomas the Apostle; 'twin'
Jacob and Leah's Daughter
Samson's fickle lover
Roman goddess worshipped in Ephesus
Literally, 'servant'. Church office besides pastor/bishop
Female Judge; Barak's partner
Fish-god of the Philistines
Literally, a 'teaching'. A particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated
Returned to the ark with an olive branch

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