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Hint'C' Answer
The disciples were first called this at Antioch
Lebanon was known for this tree
The other spy, Joshua's counterpart
As often prophesied, Judah went into __________ during Jeremiah's lifetime
It's dangerous to be a fatted ______ when a prodigal son comes home
Noah's cursed grandson
Paul wrote two epistles to this city
10 of them were given to Moses
Many are called, but few are ________
Joseph had a coat of many ________
You'll betray me three times before the rooster does this in the morning, Peter
Sacrament/Ordinance involving bread and wine
Nehemiah's occupation
Jesus' occupation
Location (mount) where Jesus was put to death
Hint'C' Answer
Title of the Roman ruler during the days of Jesus and the Apostles
Animal ridden by Rebekah on her way to meet Isaac
Horses, riders, and all, Pharaoh lost his in the Red Sea
Wooden object upon which Jesus was put to death
Means by which Jesus was put to death
Literally, a stone. One of Simon Peter's other names
High priest in Jesus' day
To sanctify or dedicate to God's service
Greek for Messiah, Jesus' title
Angelic beings, particularly the two covering the mercy seat
The Ark of the ___________
Called out assembly, body of believers
Thou shalt not ________.
Oldest son of Adam and Eve
Procedure performed on male children, traditional mark of Jewish males

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