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Hint'B' Answer
False prophet, his donkey talked to him
This animal's hides were used as a covering for the tabernacle
Pool where the water was troubled
Paul's first missionary partner
Language was confused at the tower of ________
Pharaoh's _______, told his dream to Joseph and was not set free
Joseph's little brother
Moses' serpent was made of this metal
'House of God', place where Jacob dreamed of his ladder
Uriah's wife, and partner with David in his great sin
Without shedding of this, there is no remission of sin
To relapse into error or return to sinful ways
Literally, son of Jonah. Simon Peter's other name
Pharaoh's _______, told his dream to Joseph and was set free
Man shall not live by this alone
Hint'B' Answer
Birthplace of Jesus
You don't put new wine in an old one
...that whosoever ___________ on Him shall not perish,,,
There were a valley full of dry ones in Ezekiel's vision
Famous for it's hanging gardens, Nebuchadnezzar was once king here
Collection of 66 books, divided into Old and New Testaments
Opposite of curse, to invoke divine favor
Lazarus' occupation (from the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16)
Canaanite god, often paired with Ashtaroth
Murderer set free instead of Jesus
Made of mud and straw, the Hebrews supplied these to Pharaoh while in bondage in Egypt
John the __________, forerunner of Christ
The dove had this piece of an olive tree in her mouth
Generally synonymous with Pastor, Presbyter, Elder, or Overseer
Teamed up with Deborah to defeat Sisera

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