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Hint'A' Answer
A structure upon which sacrifices were made
_____ of the Apostles
Brother of Cain, literally means 'keeper'
First man
David's rebellious long-haired son
Not all Jesus' disciples held this title, but at least 12 of them did
Tribe of Israel
________ and Omega, beginning and end
James the son of ______________
To rub or pour oil upon, especially for consecration to God
Evil King, husband of Jezebel
Created higher than man, although some of them are fallen
Put on the full ________ of God
Canaanite goddess, usually associated with Baal
Sapphira's husband
Hint'A' Answer
Thou shalt not commit ____________
Minor prophet, 'Prepare to meet thy God'
____, and ye shall receive...
Kingdom which captured the Northern Kingdom of Israel
Noah's ship
Valley prophesied as the place for a large end-time battle
Reparation for offense or injury; a peace with God made by the offering of a sacrifice
Lo, I am with you _______
Sackcloth and _______, associated with sorrow and repentance
Moses' brother
A state in which one has turned away from the faith
Father of Isaac and Ishmael
Simon Peter's Brother
Saul's cousin and military commander, son of Ner
Donkey; Balaam's spoke to him

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