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This southeast Asian nation becomes independent of UKJan. 1
Syria frees US pilot after appeal from this US politicianJan. 3
Last Argentine dictator, arrestedJan. 10
Popular PC unveiled by AppleJan. 24
Netherlands restores full diplomatic relations with this Asian nationFeb. 1
Succeeds Yuri Andropov as USSR leaderFeb.13
Winter Olympic Games close at this Yugoslavian cityFeb. 19
Iraq resumes air attack on this neghborFeb. 24
South Africa and this nation end hostilities with the Accord of NkomatiMar. 16
Soviet sub collides with USS Kitty Hawk in seas close to this nationMar. 21
Fictitional lead character in '1984', begins diary this dateApr. 4
Chinese troops invade this Asian neighborApr. 11
Discovery of this virus announced, discoverer disputedApr. 23
Announces it will not participate in LA Summer OlympicsMay 8
50th birthday for this cartoon character celebrated at DisneyJun. 9
Becomes first female major-party VP CandidateJul. 19
Safe of this famous sunken Italian ocean liner openedAug. 16
Last of this model Volkswagen producedAug. 22
UK and China complete agreement for transfer of this city by 1997Sep. 19
Suicide car bomber attacks US embassy annex in this Lebanese city, killing 23Sep. 20
This Gary Trudeau comic strip resumes after 2-year hiatusOct. 1
Famous black Anglican Bishop wins Nobel Peace PrizeOct. 16
Indian Prime Minister, assassinated by Sikh bodygaurdsOct. 31
US re-establishes diplomatic relations with this Middle Eastern nationNov. 26
Union Carbide disaster kills thousands in this Indian cityDec. 3

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