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Star of 'Chico and the Man', commits suicide
Famous Rock-n-Roller, dies in his bathroom in Tennessee
Triple Crown winner
Cheryl Ladd replaces Farrah Fawcett on this TV show
Defeats Jimmy Conners in Wimbledon final
John Travolta Disco film classic
ABC mini-series cooncerning Black experience in America released, wins 9 Emmy's and a Golden Globe
'Two wild and crazy guys' skit debuts on SNL. Name one of the guys.
Brazilian football (futbol) great, retires from New York Cosmos
Hit movie starring Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason
Hot new toy - dip it in water, spread the seeds, and watch it grow
Sci-Fi megahit starring Mark Hamill, creates huge market for Christmas toys
Popular toy - they wobble, but they don't fall down
10-4, Good buddy! No vehicle is complete without this two-way communication device
Ronnie Van Zandt, lead singer for this Southern Rock group, dies in an airplane crash
World Series Champions
Erik Estrada stars in this TV show
New York lifts its ban on this supersonic aircraft
Serial killer David Berkowitz captured; better known by this name
#1 song by Eagles, states 'you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave'
Debby Boone hit, spends 10 weeks at #1 from October to December
French becomes the official language of this Canadian Province
Rose Royce scores this #1 hit
Snow falls in this Florida city for the only time in recorded history
'God Save the Queen' released by this UK punk band

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