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U.S. President Roosevelt bans arms shipments to this country
Horror writer known for Cthulhu Mythos, dies March 15
Automotive strike ends when this company recognizes UAW
German airship, destroyed while mooring at Lakehurst, NJ
Crowned King of United Kingdom
Becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain
Eight Russian generals executed June 11, beginning this event
Vanishes on flight between New Guinea and Howland Island
Famous blues singer (St. Louis Blues), dies in auto accident
Ireland (Eire) changes name from ________
Composer of 'Rhapsody in Blue' and 'I got rhythm', dies of brain tumor
Italian General, wounded in an assassination attempt in Addis Abba
German 'Condor Legion' bombs this city, inspiring a famous Picasso painting
Withdraws from League of Nations in December
US gunboat, sank by Japanese aircraft in China
Chinese city captured Dec. 13 by Japan, begins six weeks of atrocities against civilians, turning world opinions

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