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Kentucky Senator, Introduced Compromise of 1850
Illinois Senator, helped draft Compromise of 1850
Massachusetts Senator, Supported Compromise of 1850
South Carolina Senator, Supported Compromise of 1850
Work by Nathaniel Hawthorne published
This California city incorporated
This California city incorporated
1st blue jeans made by
12th President, dies in office
Former Vice President, and last Whig, sworn in as 13th President
Gold discovered in this state at Rogue River
This Hawaiian city incorporated
Admitted as 31st State
Created as Territory
Created as Territory
'Swedish Nightingale', gives first US concert (set up by P.T. Barnum)
Controversial slavery bill passed as part of Compromise of 1850
Slave trade abolished, but slavery continues, in this district
Papal Bull re-establishes Catholic hierarchy in this nation
US Navy abolishes this punishment
Becomes British Poet Laureate, position held until death in 1892
Treaty, Punctation of Olmutz, confirms diplomatic capitulation of Prussia to this empire
Burmese city destroyed by fire
Rescues her own family, becomes leader of Underground Railroad

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