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Year of TV Run/StarTV Show/MovieYear of Movie/Star
1983-1987, Mr. T.2010, Quinton Jackson
1979-1985, John Schneider2005, Seann William Scott
1960-1966, Mel Blanc*1994, John Goodman
1967, Bill Scott*1997, Brendan Frasier
2006-2011, Miley Cyrus2009, Miley Cyrus
1983-1986, Don Adams*1999, Matthew Broderick
1965-1970, Don Adams2008, Steve Carrell
1970-1971, Casey Kasem*2001, Rachel Leigh Cook
1976-1981, Farrah Fawcett2000, Cameron Diaz
1984-1989, Don Johnson2006, Jamie Foxx
Year of TV Run/StarTV Show/MovieYear of Movie/Star
1982, Leslie Nielsen1988, Leslie Nielsen
1966-1973, Peter Graves1996, Tom Cruise
2003-2009, Niecy Nash2007, Niecy Nash
1969-1976, Casey Kasem*2002, Freddie Prinze, Jr.
1989-present, Nancy Cartwright*2007, Nancy Cartwright
1975-1979, Paul Michael Glaser2004, Ben Stiller
1987-1996, James Avery*1990, Judith Hoag
1987-1994, Patrick Stewart1994: Patrick Stewart
1965-1969, Robert Conrad1999: Will Smith
1964-1966, John Astin1991: Anjelica Huston

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