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Use a slingshot to take down evil green pigs
Form words in crossword fashion in game trademarked by Hasbro and Mattel
Use flowers to get the undead off your lawn
Tilt your iPhone to guide your Doodler up a piece of graph paper
Your finger is your sword as you slice fruit, not bombs
Use the ropes, gadgets, and obstacles to get the candy to Om Nom's mouth
iPhone version of a board game adaptation similar to 'Where's Waldo'
'Search one and done' in this iPhone app version of the popular travel search website
Need a place to go? This site can guide you with customer reviews on everything from resturants to banks and gas stations
Point your iPhone to some words you don't understand and watch it magically translate to English in real time
It doesn't have Jim Cantore, but it does have radar, 36-hour and 10-day forecasts, and video
Known as the 'Free Encyclopedia', it houses over 19 million articles and anyone can edit it, within reason of course
Have the world in your hands with this iPhone version of the popular Google web app
Perhaps the world's most popular online store, the iPhone version even has a barcode scanner for comparison shopping
Learn how to make cocktails or find the closest liquor store or bar with this app
Send or receive money with just a bump on this iPhone version of the website
A money manager in your pocket; but don't let the name fool you: it won't freshen your breath
Find out what your symptoms mean in this online medical encyclopedia's iPhone version
Discover new music on this iPhone version of the popular music website
Don't know the name of that song playing? Let this app listen to it for a few seconds and it'll fetch the name for you
This popular Adobe app shrinks down to the basics for photo editing…for free
Stream movies or TV shows with a wi-fi connection in this iPhone (or iPad) version of the popular service
Find out everything you need to know about a movie: who's in it, what people think, where it's playing, maybe watch a trailer or two
Know the score and get breaking news from the 'worldwide leader in sports'
Get access to any eBook on Amazon, without needing Amazon's e-reader to do it
The iPhone version of the world's second most popular website; Mark Zuckerberg's experiment's come a long way
140 characters or less--and snap and share your photos in an instant
Gmail, Maps, Docs, News, even Voice Search are all in this iPhone version of the world's most popular website
Video chat with a 3G (or better) connection; Apple's FaceTime video can't do that
Check in to a location enough, and you could be that location's 'mayor' with this iPhone app

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