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Can you name the Most Watched US TV Shows of the 2000s??

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At the height of its popularity, 31 million people on average watched in 2006, with 36 million people watched Taylor Hicks announced as the winner
Despite the first season finale being deep into the summer, 51 million people watched Richard Hatch announced as the winner
At its peak, 26 million people a week watched this grisly crime show set in Las Vegas
Over 51 million people watched the series finale in 2004 where Ross expresses his love for Rachel and Chandler and Monica adopt twins
30.6 million people watched the first season finale of this show set at Wisteria Lane, seen through the eyes of a dead neighbor
40 million people watched the finale of the first season where it was revealed to one woman that Evan Marriott wasn't rich; just a working-class construction worker
Though 22 million people on average each week watched this show featuring Noah Wyle and Juilana Marguiles (among others) in the early 2000s, its viewership peak of 30 million peopl
Originally called Strictly Come Dancing, past winners include Emmitt Smith, Jennifer Grey, and co-host Brooke Burke
A Harris Interactive poll conducted in May 2011 had this show featuring Mark Harmon voted as 'America's Favorite Show'
Bill Rancic won this 'Ultimate Job Interview' in 2004, with 28 million people watching the season finale on Tax Day

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