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Movie Year/StarMovieTV Run/Star
1990, Anne Parillaud1997-2001, Peta Wilson
1992, Kristy Swanson1997-2003, Sarah Michelle Gellar
1970, Donald Sutherland1972-1983, Alan Alda
1980, Dolly Parton1982-1983, Rita Moreno
1980, Goldie Hawn 1981-1983, Lorna Patterson
1995, Alicia Silverstone1996-1999, Rachel Blanchard
1994, Kevin Smith2000, Kevin Smith*
1989, Rick Moranis1997-2000, Peter Scolari
1986, Christopher Lambert1992-1998, Adrian Paul
1986, Matthew Broderick1990, Jennifer Aniston
Movie Year/StarMovieTV Run/Star
1985, Kelly LeBrock1994-1998, Vanessa Angel
1988, Geena Davis1989-1991, Elizabeth Hanna
1980, Irene Cara1982-1987, Debbie Allen
1967, Sidney Poitier1988-1995, Howard Rollins
1963, Ron Howard1969-1972, Bill Bixby
1989, John Candy1990, Kevin Meaney
1985, Michael J. Fox 2011, Tyler Posey
1984, Dan Akroyd1986-1991, Arsenio Hall*
2004, Billy Bob Thornton2006-2011, Minka Kelly
1968, Jack Lemmon1970-1975, Jack Klugman

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