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Can you name the episodes of spongebob ?

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spongebob and patric go and save king neptune's crown a shell city
the krusty krab newspaper gets published
it is april fools in bikini bottom
spongebob represents the krusty krab in the frycook games
there is a new toystore in bikini bottom
squidward moves away from bikini bottom
when mr. krabs shares his story about how he met plankton
squidward makes a band and plays sweet victory at the bubble bowl
mr krabs orders a skill crane
learn about the krusty krab
nematodes eat up spongebob's house
spongebob has many plans, work, karate, jellyfishing, and squidwards clarinet recitle
surfs up spongebob!
gary runs away from home
spongebob gets to go to karate island and be crowned 'king of karate'
spongebob dances so much

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