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Who is the richest women in the world?
Pepsi Twist was a Pepsi flavored with what?
An ant can hold this much times it's own weight?
How many territories are there in Canada?
In what US state is it illegal to graffiti someone else's cow?
How many chromosomes does a turkey have?
How many teeth does an adult human have?
'Ships of the desert' are what?
Rice Krispies slogan is...
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
Which mosquito bites humans, male or female?
What year were X-rays discovered?
Strongest muscle in the body?
What is China's official sport?
Average life expectancy for a male?
What city in the world, has the largest population?
How many chromosomes does a human have?
How many minutes on average does it take a human to fall asleep?
What country was the roller coaster invented?
What year was the iPod first introduced?
The Ryder Cup is awarded in what sport?
How many bones does an adult human have?
East Chicago is located in what state?
What word in the English dictionary ends in 'mt' there is only one...
Which body part are a fly's taste buds located?

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