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Forced Order
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English VerbSpanish Verb
To Eat Breakfast
To Brush
To Rain
To Enter
To Come
To Go Up
To Entertain
To Receive
To Wash
To Know
To Eat Lunch
To Understand
To Celebrate
To Start
To Work
To Wish
To Sit
To Travel
To Prefer
To Ride
To Lose
To Explain
To Waste
To Discover
To Touch
To Close
To Return
To Call
To Live
To Converse
To Write
To Raise
To Bathe
To Bring
To Cost
To Be (State of Being)
To Wait For
To Open
To Ask
To Cry
To Repeat
To Copy
To Take
English VerbSpanish Verb
To Pass
To Turn On
To Change
To Visit
To Take Out
To Read
To Study
To Fly
To Skate
To Break
To Do
To Run
To Have
To Be Able To
To Need
To Speak
To Leave
To Be Sorry
To Wake Up
To Decide
To Show
To Fall
To Use
To Sleep
To Listen To
To Cook
To Sell
To Wear
To Believe
To Ski
To Find
To Teach
To Buy
To Go
To Answer
To Tell
To Shave
To Swim
To Cover
To Die
To Promise
To See
To Learn
English VerbSpanish Verb
To Give
To Clean
To Dress
To Prepare
To Clear
To Respond
To Put In
To Walk
To Cut
To Be (Trait)
To Leave (Behind)
To Arrive
To Describe
To Hunt
To Put
To Look For
To Marry
To Win
To Look
To Hide
To Finish
To Attend
To Play
To Drink
To Hear
To Put To Bed
To Eat
To Help
To Sew
To Dance
To Ask
To Turn Off
To Sound
To Sing
To Like
To Go Down
To Eat Dinner
To Defeat
To Serve
To Comb
To Want
To Suffer
To Drive

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