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Can you name the movies on AFI's 1998 list of the 100 best films of all time?

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1941Orson Welles
1942Michael Curtiz
1972Francis Ford Coppola
1939Victor Fleming
1962David Lean
1939Victor Fleming
1967Mike Nichols
1954Elia Kazan
1993Steven Spielberg
1952Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
1946Frank Capra
1950Billy Wilder
1957David Lean
1959Billy Wilder
1977George Lucas
1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1951John Huston
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1974Roman Polanski
1975Milos Forman
1940John Ford
1968Stanley Kubrick
1941John Huston
1980Martin Scorsese
1982Steven Spielberg
1964Stanley Kubrick
1967Arthur Penn
1979Francis Ford Coppola
1939Frank Capra
1948John Huston
1977Woody Allen
1974Francis Ford Coppola
1952Fred Zinnemann
1962Robert Mulligan
1934Frank Capra
1969John Schlesinger
1946William Wyler
1944Billy Wilder
1965David Lean
1959Alfred Hitchcock
1961Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise
1954Alfred Hitchcock
1933Merian C. Cooper (uncredited) and Ernest B. Schoedsack (uncredited)
1915D.W. Griffith
1951Elia Kazan
1971Stanley Kubrick
1976Martin Scorsese
1975Steven Spielberg
1937David Hand
1969George Roy Hill
1940George Cukor
1953Fred Zinnemann
1984Milos Forman
1930Lewis Milestone
1965Robert Wise
1970Robert Altman
1949Carol Reed
1940Walt Disney (producer)
1955Nicholas Ray
1981Steven Spielberg
1958Alfred Hitchcock
1982Sydney Pollack
1939John Ford
1977Steven Spielberg
1991Jonathan Demme
1976Sidney Lumet
1962John Frankenheimer
1951Vincente Minnelli
1953George Stevens
1971William Friedkin
1994Robert Zemeckis
1959 William Wyler
1939William Wyler
1925Charles Chaplin
1990Kevin Costner
1931Charles Chaplin
1973George Lucas
1976John G. Avildsen
1978Michael Cimino
1969Sam Peckinpah
1936Charles Chaplin
1956George Stevens
1986Oliver Stone
1996Joel Coen
1933Leo McCarey
1935Frank Lloyd
1931James Whale
1969Dennis Hopper
1970Franklin J. Schaffner
1927Alan Crosland
1964George Cuckor
1951George Stevens
1960Billy Wilder
1990Martin Scorsese
1994Quentin Tarantino
1956John Ford
1938Howard Hawks
1992Clint Eastwood
1967Stanley Kramer
1942Michael Curtiz

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