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Forced Order
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First President
44th President
President who resigned
Assassinated in Dallas, Texas
Vice President for Barack Obama
Wants to build a wall between U.S and Mexico
Only President who lived in Kansas
Created the New Deal
The 3rd President
2nd and 6th Presidents who were related
41st and 43rd Presidents who were related
Emancipated slavery
Gave the Speech 'Tear Down this Wall'
Created the Monroe Doctrine
President for less than 1 year
President when the Great Depression stock market Crash
Only President not elected for President or Vice President
Top Union military leader in the Civil War before being President
Only President never married
Heaviest President (300lbs.)
President who was a Prisoner of War
Be interviewed by PlayBoy magazine
President in WW1
President who followed Lincoln
Last President for the Whig Party
Considered the Father of the Bill of Rights
Only President to serve as Speaker of the House
Only President to be elected to 2 nonconsecutive terms
First American citizen and not British Subject
10th President who had 15 Children

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