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How much do you know about the Decision Review System used in international cricket?

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Which of these elements of DRS would not help in determining if there was edge off the bat? A) Snickometer B) Hot Spot C) Hawk-Eye
After how many overs of a Test innings do the number of reviews for both sides get topped up to their original number? A) 80 B) 90 C) 100
Which letter-like signal does the fielding team captain or the batsman make when asking for a review? A) An 'M' B) An 'R' C) A 'T'
How does an umpire signal a reversed decision? A) By extending one arm horizontally B) By touching both shoulders with the opposite hands C) Touching a raised knee with a hand
Which Australian batsman was incorrectly given out at Old Trafford in 2013 despite DRS proving the umpire wrong? A) Phillip Hughes B) Usman Khawaja C) Chris Rogers
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What is the first thing the third umpire checks for during a review? A) The delivery was a legal one B) The batsman was ready for the delivery C) The bails are on the stumps
How many reviews do each team start with at the start of a One Day International innings? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3
Which of these cricketing boards are currently against using DRS? A) Cricket Australia B) England and Wales Cricket Board C) Board of Control for Cricket in India
How many reviews do each team begin with at the start of a Test innings? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3
Does a team lose a review if a review remains as 'Umpire's Call?' i.e. there isn't sufficient evidence to overturn the on-field umpire's decision A) No B) Yes

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