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n: a large burrowing African ungulate mammal that feeds on ants and termites with its sticky tounge
n: an alloy used for lining bearings
n: a secret group of plotters or political conspirators
vb: to work or involve oneself without serious effort
pron: every individual one
n: a legendary story of supernatural happenings
n: a firm durable twilled fabric having diagonal ribs and made of various fibers
n: a Cuban dance in slow time
n: a metrical foot of one unaccented syllable followed by one accented syllable
vb: to talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly
n: cubes of meat cooked with vegetables usually on a skewer
n: a slip attached to something for identification or description
adj: having death as a subject
n: a man of great wealth or prominence
n: loosely twisted hemp or jute fiber impregnated with tar and used especially in caulking ships
n: usually soft digestible food
n: the wool of the undercoat of the musk ox
n: a groove in the edge or face of a surface (as a board) especially to receive another piece
n: a leave often with pay granted (as to a college professor) usually every 7th year for rest, travel, or research
n: a usually striped or mottled domestic cat
adj: existing or being everywhere at the same time
n: a vacating especially of an office, position, or piece of property
adj: eccentric, crazy
n: a heavy gaseous chemical element occurring in minute quantities in air
n: a usually large recreational watercraft
n: a silly or foolish person

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