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The protagonist of The Odyssey. He is trying to return home from the Trojan War.
The protagonist's wife who is constantly being plagued by suitors.
The protagonist's son who goes on a journey in search of his father.
The goddess of wisdom who admires the protagonist for his intelligence. She helps him all throughout the book.
The god of the sea who tries to prevent the protagonist from returning home. He is angry at the protagonist for blinding his son.
The king of the gods.
Zeus's wife, goddess of home and the hearth.
The goddess of love and beauty.
The god of messengers who rescues the protagonist from Calypso's island. He also gives the protagonist moly, an herb, and advice to help him with Circe
Goddess of discord and the one who started the Trojan War (created the original problem).
Man that chose the goddess of beauty as the fairest goddess and was introduced to Helen, who he fell in love with.
The fairest woman in all of Greece; queen of Sparta; fell in love with Paris.
King of Sparta, married to Helen. He gets stranded in Egypt after the war because he did not sacrifice to the gods before leaving, but leaves after getting advice from Proteus.
Paris's brother and the Trojans' greatest warrior.
King of Troy; Paris's father.
Queen of Troy; Paris's mother.
The Greeks' greatest warrior. He is the leader of the Myrmidons.
Achilles' closest friend. He dresses up in Achilles's armor and is mistakenly killed by Hector, who thinks he is Achilles himself.
One of the Greeks' best warriors. He competes with Odysseus for Achilles's armor after his death and loses.
Menelaus's brother and leader of the Greek army. He is killed by his wife Clytmnestra upon his return from the war.
Agamemnon's wife who cheats on him with Aegisthus while he is gone. They kill Agamemnon when he returns home.
Lover of Clytmnestra. Plots to kill Agamemnon.
Agamemnon's son who kills Clytmnestra to avenge the death of his father.
Agamemnon's daughter who is sacrificed to Artemis so that the Greeks can sail.
A nymph who imprisons Odysseus on her island for seven years.
The princess of Phaeacia who first finds Odysseus when he ends up on their island. She tells him to visit her parents for help.
The king of Phaeacia who helps Odysseus.
The queen of Phaeacia and Nausicaa's mother.
An sorceress who turns Odysseus's men into pigs/
Poseidon's cyclops son who is blinded by Odysseus.
A six-headed monster that kills six of Odysseus's men.
A dangerous whirlpool next to the Scylla.
The god of the sun whose cattle Odysseus's men eat.
The most arrogant of Penelope's suitors.
The first king Telemachus visits.

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