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Can you name the NBA players by their funny commercials?

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H-E-B(3) “A force that happens to smell like a summer bouquet, too.”
ESPN - Your NBA Destination(1) “How did you get so many Qs?”
VitaminWater – The Spokesman(1) “I'm just like you, but ten times better.”
NBA on TNT – Every Thursday Night(1) “He's looking right, wait for it... He's going left!”
T-Mobile – Fave 5(2) “Eat the head!”
NBA All-Star Dunk Contest(2) “Man, I look like a Victoria's Secret model.”
ESPN – This is SportsCenter(1) “Did you possibly switch chairs with me?”
NBA 2K9 – Living Rosters(1) “Shoot better and we might feed you.”
TNT – School of Truth(1) “We're gonna pick Davey.”
Dodge Barrage(2) “Dude, I'm having an Iowa moment.”
Guitar Hero – World Tour(1) “I like that old time rock 'n' roll.”
NBA Finals – Trophy Love(1) “Hello? Hey, I just wanna say I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I....”
Nike – MVPuppets (it's not really them, but it's close enough)(2) “See, for each one of these delicious chocolate chip cookies there is an equally delicious NBA Championship ring, that you don't have.”

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