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Can you name the subversive/revolutionary/terrorist organisation by their objective?

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ObjectiveOrganisationImportant attack
Removal of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and formation of a 32 county United Ireland
To 'lead white kids into armed rebellion', to combat domestic race war and unjust military action overseas
Formation of a sovereign Greater Basque nation
Replacement of Peruvian bourgeois democracy with 'new democracy' (Maoism)
Establishment of a revolutionary Marxist/Leninist Italian State
Removal of secular governments of Arab states and establishment of Islamic Regimes. Removal of US inflences in Arab states. Aspiration for a transnational Islamic caliphate
Replacement of Government of Colombia with a Marxist/Leninist Council representing the rural poor
Armed resistance to a 'facist' German state
Establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia and neighbouring states and esposing jihadist anti-Western values
Objectives unclear: inspired by idiosyncratic interpretations of yoga and Buddhism with Doomsday ideology

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