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Neurodevelopmental disorder resulting in variable language delays, social and communication challenges, behavioural issues and intellectual disabilityA
Inflammation of the small airways usually caused by respiratory syncitial virus (RSV) - a common cause of infant hospital admissionB
Human form of mad cow diseaseC
Mosquito bourne disease previously known as breakbone fever, prevalent in South East AsiaD
Cause of 'kissing disease'E
Another name for a break in a boneF
Bacterial sexually transmitted disease associated with genital dischargeG
Elevated blood pressureH
Skin infection often caused by group A streptococcusI
Bilirubin build upJ
Unusual paediatric febrile illness of unkown cause that can lead to coronary artery aneuryms long term (Hint - Japanese Eponym)K
Alternate name for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; named for a baseball player who retired due to the disease L
Viral cause of parotitis and orchitisM
CNS condition resulting in excessive and overwhelming daytime sleepinessN
Loss of bone density, increasing suscepibility to fractureO
Angulation of the male member. Allegedly sported by President ClintonP
Abcess on or near the tonsil (sounds like the TV coroner)Q
Systemic autoimmune disease frequently manifesting as a progreesive deforming joint diseaseR
Intensely itchy mite infestation often occurring in residents of institutionsS
Resurgent Mycobacterial infectionT
Type of autoimmune bowel disease, mainly localised to the large bowelU
Pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes are destroyedV
Manifestation of human papillomavirus infection, frequently on the handsW
Rare disorder in males resulting in a lack of B cells and an inability to produce antibodies resulting in infection susceptibility (sorry ... a hard one)X
Tropical viral infection. Mandatory vaccination required to enter some countries in which this virus is commonY
Stomach and Duodenal Ulceration due to a Gastrin secreting tumourZ

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