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DefinitionVocabulary term
Member of the tetrapod class Amphibia, including salamanders, frogs, and caecilians.
Member of the phylum Chordata, animals that at some point during their development have a notochord; a dorsal, hollow nerve cord; pharyngeal slits or clefts; and a muscular, post-a
A chordate with a head.
Member of an extremely diverse group of ancient reptiles varying in body shape, size, and habitat.
A species on the human branch of the evolutionary tree; a member of the family Hominidae, including Homo sapiens and our ancestors.
Member of the class Mammalia, amniotes with mammary glands that produce milk.
A mammal, such as a koala, kangaroo, or opossum, whose young complete their embryonic development inside a maternal pouch called the marsupium.
The evolution of different features of an organism at different rates.
DefinitionVocabulary term
A long flexible rod that runs along the dorsal axis of the body in the future position of the vertebral column.
In aquatic osteichthyans, a protective bony flap that covers and protects the gills.
An arrangement of the fingers such that the thumb can touch the ventral surface of the fingertips of all four fingers.
A structure in the pregnant uterus for nourishing a viviparous fetus with the mother’s blood supply; formed from the uterine lining and embryonic membranes.
Member of the group of flightless birds.
Member of the clade of amniotes that includes tuatara, lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodilians, and birds
A vertebrate with two pairs of limbs, including mammals, amphibians, and birds and other reptiles.

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