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A stupid, clumsy person is called a:
A) Patroika
B) Bazooka
C) Palooka
D) Maloof

Lose-a-Palooza was a 1-day social media event created by which of the following?
A) The Chicago Cubs
B) Weight Watchers
C) Masterlock
D) 3M

CMEpalooza Fall is happening on which date?
A) Tuesday, December 7
B) Wednesday, October 15
C) Friday, July 28
D) Tuesday, November 1

The tagline for Pyro Palooza is...
A) 'Kaboom!'
B) 'Fireworks for working families'
C) 'Where there's smoke, there's us'
D) 'More bang for your buck'

Which city hosted the first Lollapalooza?
A) Austin, Texas
B) Tempe, Arizona
C) Seattle, Washington
D) Portland, Oregon

Pharmapalooza is a battle of the bands featuring employees from what type of organization?
A) Biotech companies
B) Healthcare marketers
C) Media watchdogs
D) Medical lobbyists

Which celebrity wrote a book called 'Party Paloozas! 52 Unexpected Ways to Make a Birthday, Holiday, or Any Day a Celebration for Kids'?
A) John Lithgow
B) Sarah Jessica Parker
C) Kevin Bacon
D) Lori Singer

Which of the following is NOT an actual event?
A) Picklepalooza
B) Bubblepalooza
C) Schmoozapalooza
D) Emupalooza

Potty Palooza is a book that features which of the the following?
A) The Poop Troops
B) Henry Tinkler
C) The Mad Flusher
D) The Potty Police

In 2014, Atul Gawande, Kathleen Sebelius, and Steven Brill were keynote speakers at which event?
A) Health Datapalooza
B) PaloozaPalooza
C) Policy Palooza
D) Patient Palooza

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