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Forced Order
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PartnersTeam NamesPartner 2
Colleen, Ali, and Melissa
Travis and Lindsey
Jenine and Sahani
Tracy and Gina
John Kelley and Lindsey
Scott and Mara
Kayla and Mike Fitch
Colleen and Alina
James and Steph
Brett and Nicki
Erin and Kelly Grady
Joanna and Emily
Ryan and Robin
Whitney and Danielle
Camille and Jake
Alicia and BJ
B-Howse and Brendan
Vin and Kayla
Kayla and Sev
Ari and Melissa
Katie and Louis
PartnersTeam NamesPartner 2
LB (Male Version) and Stankus
Dan Scott and Kirsten
Erin and Natasha
Katie and Steve
Steph and Jackie
Talia and Jay
Bobby and Paige
Lindsey and Jodi
Brendan and Kerry
Doyle and Rob Jeffway
Bartlet and Sydney
Lisa and Lauren
Em and Danielle
Barczak and Sam
Brian and Catie
Kelly Cox and Megan
Danica and Emily
Ivy and Catharine
Kwe and Brad
Jane and Mary

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