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Can you name the QU Orientation 2011 Group Names? (Based on the spelling of the handbook)?

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PartnersChart Topper
Kristen and JP
Caroline and Brad
Ryan and Jackie
Kristen and Christine
Andrew Barry and Rachel
Robert and Whitney
Allison and Adham
Kelsey and Chloe
Neil and Anna
Kasey and Dan Scott
Kerry and Greg
Camille and Kelly
Vin and Christina
Caitlyn and Lindsey
Emily and Lauren
Joey and Diane
Elicia and Sonia
Catie and Pete
Jenn and Schimpf
Taylor and Amy
Shawn and Chrissy
Muzzy and J.Poe
Erik and Lindsey
Scott and Alyssa
Ryan and Christine
Kayla and Alexa
Alyssa and Sarah
Megan and Joelle
PartnersChart Topper
Cara and Anna
Tyler and Erin
Amanda and Heidi
Jess and Brian
Anthony and Danica
Michelle and Luigi
Ani and Katie
Amanda and Mike P
Bree and Shannon
Shaq and Brittany
Ariel and Phoebe
Gary and Nicole
Lori and Melissa
Meghan and Meaghan
Reid and Catherine
Juli and DJ
Shannon and Lindsey
Jeffway and Alex
Nick and Casey
Nicole and Nick
Jacquie and Zach
Alyssa and Mary-Caitlin
Julia and Katie
Kat and Marissa
Ben and Chelsey
Virginia and Ellen
Lauren and Matt

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