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Hand enemy that takes Link back to the entrance (Multiple games)
Enemy boats that shoot at Link (Multiple games)
Protectors of the Silent Realm (Skyward Sword)
Gift from Faron (Skyward Sword)
Where Link's loftwing is hidden (Skyward Sword)
Where Link can get upgrades (A Link to the Past)
Where the Beaver Brothers live (Majora's Mask)
Spider on water (Multiple games)
Temple where you constantly have to change the water level (Ocarina of Time)
Where Ferrus lives (Spirit Tracks)
Area of Clock Town with shops (Majora's Mask)
Area of Holodrum with the Hero's Cave (Oracle of Seasons)
Area where Percy lives (Minish Cap)
Baker couple (Minish Cap)
Weapon that can attach to some things (Spirit Tracks/Skyward Sword)
Spinning blade trap in the Shadow Temple (Ocarina of Time)
Mediocre Sword (Legend of Zelda/Minish Cap)
Snow wolf enemy (Multiple games)
Village with wooden buildings and lumberjacks (Spirit Tracks)
Chief who finds a woman in Papuchia Village (Spirit Tracks)
Man dressed as a Rito who runs the Bird-Man contest (Wind Waker)
Highly populated island (Wind Waker)
Deity trapped in a dream (Link's Awakening)
Where the above is sealed (Link's Awakneing)
Song that awakens Makar (Wind Waker)
Needed to fix the windmill (Skyward Sword)
Abandoned area south of the Castor Wilds (Minish Cap)
Song that changes the wind's direction (Wind Waker)
Temple under Gale Isle (Wind Waker)
Tribe of people who live on the clouds (Minish Cap)
Magical conductor's baton (Titular item)
Dungeon in the Deku Forest (Oracle of Ages)
Leader of Papuchia Village (Spirit Tracks)
Old women who cook potions (Multiple games)
Teleporting wizzard enemy (Multiple games)
Link turns into this in the Twilight Realm (Twilight Princess)
Wolf enemy (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Flammable shield (Multiple games)
Needed to recover Ilia's memory (Twilight Princess)
Weakest sword (Multiple games)
Water filled-crater area of the swamp (Majora's Mask)
Temple of the Deku Scrubs (Majora's Mask)
Treasure made of wood (Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks)
Where Link follows the monkey (Majora's Mask)
Woods where the Snake's Remains is (Oracle of Seasons)
Mother of Kukiel (Skyward Sword)

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