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Wind sorcerer (Multiple games)
Where the above resides (Four Swords)
Equivalent of Link's house in Lorule (A Link Between Worlds)
Sucks Link toward it (Link's Awakening)
Leads to the Great Palace (Adventure of Link)
Dragon guardian of the Rito (Wind Waker)
Servants of King Daltus (Minish Cap)
Jewler who appraises magic rings (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Waterfall area that leads to the Cloud Tops (Minish Cap)
Explodes into a cloud of poison when killed (Spirit Tracks)
Shadow sorceress who possesses Nayru and Queen Ambi (Oracle of Ages)
Mother of Julietta and Jim (Minish Cap)
Holds the Tears of Light (Twilight Princess)
Dark World equivalent of Kakariko Village (A Link to the Past)
Village where children disappeared (Four Sword Adventures)
Devil enemy made of keeses (Multiple games)
Slimey boss of Misery Mire (A Link to the Past)
Location of the Fire Sanctuary (Skyward Sword)
Legendary Goron-eating dragon (Ocarina of Time)
Desert bird enemy (Multiple games)

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