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Where Saria likes to hang out (Ocarina of Time)
Where Link finds the Master Sword (Twilight Princess)
The Golden Land (Multiple games)
Needed to heal Faron (Skyward Sword)
There are seven of these (Multiple games)
Elder with knowledge of the Master Sword (A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds)
Helps Link descend to the surface (Skyward Sword)
Thief with a hideout in the canyon (Majora's Mask)
Aligator who sells bananas (Link's Awakening)
Group looking for treasure under the waves (Wind Waker)
Runs a ship sinking game (Wind Waker)
Wants to decorate Windfall Island (Wind Waker)
Where the pirate ship crashed (Oracle of Seasons)
Controls sand (Spirit Tracks/A Link Between Worlds)
Where Link plays his last Lokomo duet (Spirit Tracks)
Wher Link finds the Bow of Light (Spirit Tracks)
Link's friend and the Forest Sage (Ocarina of Time)
Song used to contact the above (Ocarina of Time)
Lava spider boss (Skyward Sword)
Gives Link a faster spin attack (Minish Cap)
Song that you get to make (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Broken down ancient robot (Skyward Sword)
Giant version of the Peahat (Wind Waker)
Aquatic animals that live in Pinnacle Rock (Majora's Mask)
Where Link first lands on the surface (Skyward Sword)
Temple of Hylia (Skyward Sword)
Forest level (Four Swords)
Shoots seeds (Oracle of Ages)
Investigate the disappearances in the Village of the Blue Maiden (Four Sword Adventures)
Pirate navigator (Wind Waker)
Mother of Beth (Twilight Princess)
Song that teleports Link to Lake Hylia (Ocarina of Time)
Daughter of the Priest and one of the sages (A Link Between Worlds)
Oocca researcher (Twilight Princess)
Enemies in the Twilight Realm fought in groups (Twilight Princess)
Poe witch boss (Oracle of Ages)
Evil Link from the Dark Mirror (Four Sword Adventures)
Creepy temple located in a Graveyard (Ocarina of Time)
Island shaped like a shark (Wind Waker)
Ravio's bird (A Link Between Worlds)
Zelda's ninja disguise (Ocarina of Time)
Shadow folk (Multiple games)
Clam enemy (Multiple games)
Used to block attacks (Multiple games)
Gift from Niko (Spirit Tracks)
Invisible soldier (Majora's Mask)
Maze of signs (Link's Awakening)
Arrow needed to kill Ganon (Legend of Zelda/A Link to the Past)
Owns a dungeon mini-game (Minish Cap)
Wind Tribe leader (Minish Cap)
Skeleton boss buried in the sand (Spirit Tracks)
Sandship captain (Skyward Sword)
Dungeon in Symmetry Village (Oracle of Ages)
Lost forest child (Multiple games)
Mask sold to the Skull Kid (Ocarina of Time)
Skull spider enemy (Multiple games)
Dark version of the Lost Woods (A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds)
Under the Goddess Statue (Skyward Sword)
Islands in the sky (Skyward Sword)
Temple where Link gets the Ruby Tablet (Skyward Sword)
Waterfall guarding Zora's Domain (Ocarina of Time)
Eel boss in Catfish's Maw (Link's Awakening)
Big eye boss to be split in two (Link's Awakening)
Launches seeds (Multiple games)
Secret station where Link slides across a lot of ice (Spirit Tracks)
Shield won by Zelda (Minish Cap)
Link's grandpa (Minish Cap)
Cloud-like boss (Oracle of Ages)
Dungeon in the Woods of Winter (Oracle of Seasons)
Secret station with various ice-related puzzles (Spirit Tracks)
Where Darmani died (Majora's Mask)
Temple that Darmani was trying to reach (Majora's Mask)
Snowy area of Hyrule (Twilight Princess)
Where Yeto and Yeta live (Twilight Princess)
Where Link restores the rest of the Snow Realm (Spirit Tracks)
Temple guarded by a blizzard (Spirit Tracks)
Polishes shoes (Twilight Princess)
Wandering prophet (Oracle of Seasons)
Song that wakes up sleeping people (Majora's Mask)
Song that wakes up Gossip Stones (Spirit Tracks)
Song that calls nearby birds (Spirit Tracks)
Song that reveals hidden chests (Spirit Tracks)
Song that allows Link to skip time (Majora's Mask)
Song that heals troubled spirits (Majora's Mask/Spirit Tracks)
Song that lights up crystals (Spirit Tracks)
Secret song that passes time (Wind Waker)
Song that teleports Link to owl statues (Majora's Mask)
Song that summons a storm (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Song that allows time travel among other things (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Area of clock town with the clock tower (Majora's Mask)
Where Link practices his swordsmanship (Skyward Sword)
Fortune teller (Skyward Sword)
Where the Barrel Shoot game is played (Wind Waker)
Spikey urchin enemy/bomb (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Attaches to railings (Twilight Princess)
Temple far out in the desert (Ocarina of Time)
Dungeon in the Yoll Graveyard (Oracle of Ages)
Gives Link a faster split gauge (Minish Cap)
Ghosts trying to be scary (Minish Cap)
Mask sold to a kid in the graveyard (Ocarina of Time)
Swamp of Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons)
Where Link confronts Sharp (Majora's Mask)
Forest Temple beetle boss (Spirit Tracks)
Boss based on Blind (A Link Between Worlds)
Skeletal children enemies (Multiple games)
Skeletal warrior enemies (Multiple games)
Skeletal boss reanimated by Zant (Twilight Princess)
Stamps letters in the post office (Minish Cap)
Shaped like Orion (Wind Waker)
Island shaped like a star (Wind Waker)
Giant statue of Hylia (Skyward Sword)
Snow Realm Lokomo (Spirit Tracks)
Inn of Clock Town (Majora's Mask)
Shopkeeper (Oracles/Minish Cap)
Mask that hides Link from most enemies (Majora's Mask)
Dungeon that can flipped upside down (Majora's Mask)
Island with a stone head and Triforce Chart (Wind Waker)
Wind Tribe member in Hyrule Town (Minish Cap)
Friend of Groose who likes bugs (Skyward Sword)
Orca's smart brother (Wind Waker)
World under Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons)
Hooded race living in the above world (Oracle of Seasons)
Woman on Outset who carrie jars (Wind Waker)
Settlement mostly submerged in water (Oracle of Seasons)
Kafei's wedding mask (Majora's Mask)
Secret song that turns night into day and vice versa (Ocarina of Time)
Swamp where Misery Mire is located (A Link to the Past)
Dungeon full of flood gates (A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds)
Where a cursed spider man lives (Majora's Mask)
Teachers Link multiple sword techniques (Minish Cap)
Ghost ancestor of the above (MInish Cap)
Link's weapon of choice (Multiple games)
The only dungeon in Subrosia (Oracle of Seasons)
Runs a sword school (Majora's Mask)
Symmetrical area (Oracle of Ages)
Witch who brews potions (Multiple games)

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