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Where Link can frollic with the rabbits (Spirit Tracks)
Used to catch rabbits (Spirit Tracks)
Sand Realm Lokomo (Spirit Tracks)
Item that allows Link to cross water (Multiple games)
Raft maker (Oracle of Ages)
Used to navigate the Spirit Tracks (Spirit Tracks)
Zora prince (Twilight Princess)
Nayru's childhood friend (Oracle of Ages)
Golem boss of the Ancient Tomb (Oracle of Ages)
A ride through a river (Link's Awakening/Twilight Princess)
Sage of light (Ocarina of Time)
Rodent enemy (Multiple games)
Lends and sells items to Link (A Link Between Worlds)
Allows Link to merge into walls (A Link Between Worlds)
First upgrade to sword (Majora's Mask)
Cloud area in the sky (Four Sword Adventures)
Weakens Digdogger (Legend of Zelda)
Sword given to Link in the castle (Spirit Tracks)
Zombie enemy (Multiple games)
Best defense item (Multiple games)
Heals Link (Multiple games)
Banishes cyclones (Phantom Hourglass)
Expensive treasure item (Spirit Tracks)
Shoemaker (Minish Cap)
Hostile at night (Skyward Sword)
Shaman in Kakariko Village (Twilight Princess)
Song that teleports Link to the Desert Colossus (Ocarina of Time)
Leads to Symmetry Village (Oracle of Ages)
Given to a chain chomp or Subrosian girl (Link's Awakening/Oracle of Seasons)
Needs golden leaves/Name of a missing dog (Link's Awakening/Ocarina of Time)
Kangaroo with boxing gloves (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Holds magic rings (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Race of bird people (Wind Waker)
Zora enemies (Multiple games)
Allows Link to glide (Multiple games)
Allows Link to jump (Multiple games)
Gormet Goron food (Majora's Mask)
Isle with a bunch of stones on pillars and an unusual Beedle shop (Wind Waker)
Stone Tektike (Spirit Tracks)
Changes seasons (Oracle of Seasons)
Pink mini-boss that pushes a spiked roller (Link's Awakening)
Mountain range where Gorons live (Oracle of Ages)
Beetles that roll up into balls (Minish Cap)
Young ranch girl who protects the cows (Majora's Mask)
Where the above lives (Majora's Mask)
Needed to get into the Milk Bar (Majora's Mask)
Helps Link find a shovel (Phantom Hourglass)
Young couple in Hyrule Town (Minish Cap)
Anemone-like enemies (Multiple games)
Snake enemies (Multiple games)
Subrosian who goes on a date with Link (Oracle of Seasons)
Twins who need help with a dance (Majora's Mask)
Mother who wants pet pigs (Wind Waker)
Owner of an ore mine and a sage (A Link Between Worlds)
Korok at the Mother and Child Isles (Wind Waker)
Where Link finds King Gustaf (Minish Cap)
Where Link learns the Sun's Song (Ocarina of Time)
Spooky area with a graveyard in the north (Minish Cap)
Link can never beat him in a race (Ocarina of Time)
Owner of the Gear Shop (Skyward Sword)
Currency (Multiple games)
Enemy that eats the above (Multiple games)
Link's swordmaster (Twilight Princess)
Married to the school cook (Skyward Sword)
Deceased Zora queen (Twilight Princess)
Zora princess and a sage (Ocarina of Time)
Treasure named after the above (Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks)

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