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Korok on Star Island (Wind Waker)
Protects the pirvate cabana (Wind Waker)
Song that summons the giants (Majora's Mask)
Guy dressed up as a Rito running the Flight Control Platform (Wind Waker)
Common instrument (Multiple games)
Magical instrument (titular item/Majora's Mask)
Allows Link to fly around Hyrule (Minish Cap)
Realm that is partially underwater (Spirit Tracks)
Where Link and Carben play a duet (Spirit Tracks)
Where Link can get the Giant's Wallet (Majora's Mask)
Underwater temple (Spirit Tracks)
Octopus boss of Mermaid's Cave (Oracle of Ages)
Octopus enemy that shoots rocks (Multiple games)
Forest mushroom from the Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)
Potion made from the above (Ocarina of Time)
Masked warrior boss who makes weird noises (Majora's Mask)
Guides Link through the castle's art gallery (A Link Between Worlds)
Appears in caves to help Link (Legend of Zelda)
Points things out with his telescope (Wind Waker)
Depressed man who needs a Cucco (Four Sword Adventures)
Writer of the 'Wayfarer's Worlds' (Phantom Hourglass)
Sells Link medicine (Legend of Zelda)
Korok on Eastern Fairy Island (Wind Waker)
Evil general who captures Din (Oracle of Seasons)
Race of bird people in the sky (Twilight Princess)
Helps Link in every dungeon (Twilight Princess)
Son of the above (Twilight Princess)
Baboon mini-boss (Twilight Princess)
Trains Link and gives him his first sword (Wind Waker)
Light spirit who looks like a goat (Twlight Princess)
Goat cheese that Link obtains by accident (Twilight Princess)
Pumpkin that Link obtains by accident (Twilight Princess)
Ranch where Link and Fado work (Twlight Princess)
Wooden shield from Link's home (Twilight Princess)
Spring of Ordona (Twilight Princess)
Sword made by Rusl (Twilight Princess)
Link's hometown (Twilight Princess)
Woods south of Faron Woods (Twilight Princess)
Currency of Subrosia (Oracle of Seasons)
Zora queen and one of the sages (A Link Between Worlds)
Girl stranded in the sky (Skyward Sword)
Apprentice of Sahasralha and one ofthe sages (A Link Between Worlds)
Ocean King (Phantom Hourglass)
Sword given to Link by the above (Phantom Hourglass)
Link's home island (Wind Waker)
Island with a Triforce Chart where the Hookshot is needed (Wind Waker)
Servent of the Wind Fish (Link's Awakening)
Knight Academy instructor who likes plants (Skyward Sword)

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