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Gerudo sage who promises 'something good' for Link (Ocarina of Time)
Rito who walks around with a clipboard (Wind Waker)
Area that changes depending on your animal companion (Oracle of Seasons)
Blue fairy who follows Link (Ocarina of Time)
Goddess of Wisdom/Oracle of Ages (Multiple games)
Spell that protects Link from damage (Ocarina of Time)
Island with a giant pillar (Wind Waker)
Explosive enemies that look like Gorons (Majora's Mask)
Fairy spirit of wisdom (Phantom Hourglass)
Song that awakens a giant turtle (Majora's Mask)
Pirate swabbie (Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks)
Better than the Wooden Sword (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Ghost enemies invulnerable in the dark (Spirit Tracks)
Song that teleports Link to the graveyard (Ocarina of Time)
Anouki who makes Mega Ice (Spirit Tracks)
Where Zelda is sleeping (Adventure of Link)
Area of Clock Town with a fairy fountain (Majora's Mask)
Area north of Horon Village (Oracle of Seasons)
Leads to Onox's Castle (Oracle of Seasons)
Pirate who counsels Tetra in her decision making (Wind Waker)
Area with landscape depending on your animal companion (Oracle of Ages)
Man who plays dead with monsters around (Phantom Hourglass)
Imposter Link (Phantom Hourglass)

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