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Land where Nayru lives (Oracle of Ages)
Underwater temple with a Fused Shadow (Twilight Princess)
Lake where the Parella and Faron live (Skyward Sword)
Large lake in Hyrule (Multiple games)
Where Link finds the Quake Medallion (A Link to the Past)
Marine researcher (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Home to a scientist who can make eyedrops (Ocarina of Time)
Light spirit or thunder dragon (Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword)
Very large desert (Skyward Sword)
Home to the thunder dragon (Skyward Sword)
Technological city dungeon (Skyward Sword)
A sea of sand (Skyward Sword)
Location of a lost ship (Skyward Sword)
Sand snake boss (Multple games)
Lights torches (Multiple games)
Fuels the above (Twilight Princess)
Deceased Zora sage (Wind Waker)
Pool in Clock Town (Majora's Mask)
Area in Subrosia with a Bomb Flower (Oracle of Seasons)
Goron beverage to be given to someone in the past (Oracle of Ages)
Helps Biggoron recover (Oracle of Seasons)
Fairy spirit of power (Phantom Hourglass)
Mogma who loses his Bomb Bag (Skyward Sword)
Spinning enemy that spawns in the sand (Multiple games)
Allows you to see hidden things (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Pictobox Enthusiast (Wind Waker)
Written by one person to be delivered to another (Multiple games)
Possessed guardian of the sky (Skyward Sword)
Elder of the Town Minish (Minish Cap)
Grows from the Tree of Life (Skyward Sword)
Holy projectiles (Multiple games)
Reveals the location of the Sacred Tears (Skyward Sword)
Tall pillar in Skyloft (Skyward Sword)
Enemy that will eat your shield (Multiple games)
Woman on Windfall Island who ends up dating Anton (Wind Waker)
Korok who is friends with Makar and goes to Greatfish Isle (Wind Waker)
Greedy sailor who joins Link (Phantom Hourglass)
Trading Post owner who makes train parts out of treasure (Spirit Tracks)
The main hero (Multiple games)
Armed lizard enemy (Multiple games)
Crab enemy with a big stone claw (Spirit Tracks)
Race of people who serve the spirtis and are named after train parts (Spirit Tracks)
Sword that can stun Phantoms without Tears of Light (Spirit Tracks)
Ranch where Malon lives (Multiple games)
Scaffolds where enemies are found throughout the Great Sea (Wind Waker)
Sailor who runs the boating course (WInd Waker)
King Bulbin's armored Bullbo (Twilight Princess)
Parallel world to Hyrule (A Link Between Worlds)
Where Hilda rules from (A Link Between Worlds)
Station mimicking the Ocean King's Temple (Spirit Tracks)
Gives Link the Magic Mirror (A Link to the Past)
Woods that are very difficult to navigate (Multiple games)
Appears when Link plays the digging game (Phantom Hourglass)
Renado's daughter (Twilight Princess)
Singer of the Indigo-Gos (Majora's Mask)
Bar located in the sky (Skyward Sword)
Owns a potion shop with her husband (Skyward Sword)
Largest settlement in Labrynna (Oracle of Ages)
Large enemy that looks like a lion centaur (Multiple games)

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