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Alows Link to talk to Minish (Minish Cap)
Zora fish deity (Ocarina of Time/Oracle of Ages)
Dungeon inside the above (Ocarina of Time/Oracle of Ages)
Fish deity that gives Link an pearl (Wind Waker)
Father of Malo and Talo (Twilight Princess)
Repairman (Skyward Sword)
Giant poe boss of the Earth Temple (Wind Waker)
The 'thug' of the Killer Bees (Wind Waker)
Bassist of the Indigo-Gos (Majora's Mask)
Parella who considers Link a pest but helps him (Skyward Sword)
The 'fox' of the Killer Bees (Wind Waker)
Little Tipsters (Wind Waker)
Mermaid woman (Phantom Hourglass)
Kid on Outset Island who plays with sticks (Wind Waker)
Orange poe sister (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Pirate woman (Phantom Hourglass)
Golden man cursed by Poes (Twilight Princess)
Group dedicated to decorating Windfall Island (Wind Waker)
Butterfly-shaped item that Mrs. Marie likes (Wind Waker)
The 'pig-nosed' of the Killer Bees (Wind Waker)

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