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Beth's mother (Twilight Princess)
Item that smashes things (Multiple games)
One of the fan girls at the star game (Twilight Princess)
Inn in Hyrule Town (Minish Cap)
Collector of masks (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Enemy that bounces everywhere (Multiple games)
Item that belongs to Nayru and allows time travel (Oracle of Ages)
Where Link finds the Flute Boy (A Link to the Past)
Desert that is nearly impossible to cross (Ocarina of Time)
Allows Link to see things from far away (Twilight Princess)
Location of the Earth Temple (Wind Waker)
Thwomp boss (Oracle of Ages)
Takes Link into her house to 'resore his life' (Adventure of Link)
Heals Link (Multiple games)
Increases maximum health (Multiple games)
Four/five of these increases maximum health (Multiple games)
Giant bird that snatched people (Wind Waker)
Masked boss with a dangerous tail (A Link to the Past)
Boss with a helmet (Adventure of Link)
Fishing hut owner (Twilgiht Princess)
Old woman who works at the Knight Academy (Skyward Sword)
Where Link finds his sword (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Allows Link to see the health of enemies (Wind Waker)
Common shield (Multiple games)
Trains Link (Twilight Princess)
Sword given to Link by Orca (Wind Waker)
Trade quest flower (Link's Awakening)
Where Impaz lives (Twilight Princess)
Princess of Lorule (A Link Between Worlds)
Strong cylcops enemy (Multiple games)
Used to find hints (A Link Between Worlds)
Appears when the above is used (A Link Between Worlds)
Animal posing for a painting (Link's Awakening)
Tribe of treasure hunters (Phantom Hourglass)
Korok who owns a potion shop (Wind Waker)
Girl waiting for Santa (Oracle of Seasons)
Land where Din lives (Oracle of Seasons)
Anouki leader (Spirit Tracks)
Dancing couple who owns a mini-game shop (Majora's Mask)
Item that latches to things (Multiple games)
Largest settlement in Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons)
Calls Epona (Twilight Princess)
Boss with the head of a horse (Adventure of Link)
Island shaped like a horseshoe (Wind Waker)
In charge of the Wing Ceremony (Skyward Sword)
Rito who wants feathers for his girlfriend (Wind Waker)
Flame boss ironically weak to fire (Link's Awakening)
Goron that gives Link a bomb bag if bombed (Ocarina of Time)
Water that melts ice (Multiple games)
Dungeon where the Tornado Rod is needed (A Link Between Worlds)
Where the pirates are staying in Subrosia (Oracle of Seasons)
Allows Link to briefly walk across gaps (Ocarina of Time)
Given to Link by the Maku Trees (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Gives Link a Kinstone bag (Minish Cap)
Goddess created by the other three goddesses (Skyward Sword)
Race of pointy-eared people (Multiple games)
The best shield in some games (Multiple games)
Bait used for seagulls (Wind Waker)
Land where most games take place (Multiple games)
Where the royal family rules (Multiple games)
Field that encompasses most of Hyrule (Multiple games)
Central town near the castle (Multiple games)
Ghost enemy with a lantern (A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds)

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