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Boss that is literally a face (Link's Awakening/Oracle of Seasons)
Where Link learns the truth about the island (Link's Awakening)
Kokiri name or a rancher guy (Multiple games)
Winged creature that heals or revives Link (multiple games)
Where fairies are often found (Multiple games)
Gift from Saria (Ocarina of Time)
Spirit of the Gale Boomerang (Twilight Princess)
Leader of fairies (Multiple games)
Owner of the Flight by Fowl game (Twilight Princess)
Spirit of light or water dragon (Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword)
Woods near Ordon Village/Where the water dragon lives (Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword)
Goddess of Courage or Oracle of Secrets (Multiple games)
Spell that allows Link to warp in dungeons (Ocarina of Time)
Train enthuisiast (Spirit Tracks)
Minish who can speak with humans (Minish Cap)
Blue sword spirit (Skyward Sword)
Very powerful transformation mask (Majora's Mask)
Stockwell's dog (Minish Cap)
Shield given to Link by his uncle (A LInk to the Past)
Flaming projectile (Multiple games)
Flaming bat enemy (Multiple games)
Small volcano where Link finds the Power Bracelets (Wind Waker)
Magical item that shoots fire (Multiple games)
Heat protection (Skyward Sword)
Very hot temple (Ocarina of Time/Spirit Tracks)
Catchable from water with multiple uses (Multiple games)
Man with itchy armpits (Ocarina of Time)
Used to catch fish (Multple games)
Fish guys who like bait and give Link advice (Wind Waker)
Dancing mini-boss that needs to be bombed (Ocarina of Time)
Cowardly Knight Academy student (Skyward Sword)
Needed in order to swim (Multiple games)
Hand on the floor that tries to grab at Link (Multiple games)
Plays music (Multiple games)
Tile that attacks Link (Multiple games)
Where Makar fell into (Wind Waker)
Powers a sacred sword/Adds more tracks (Four Sword Adventures/Spirit Tracks)
Link's sword that was supposed to be for the captain (A LInk Between Worlds)
Needed for the Deluxe Pictobox (Wind Waker)
Where the Koroks live (Wind Waker)
First temple (Multiple games)
Surrounds the Great Deku Tree and heals wilting trees (Wind Waker)
Fortress that Ganondorf took over (Wind Waker)
Place that the Wind Tribe left behind (Minish Cao)
Stuns enemies (A Link Between Worlds)
Sword that allows Link to split in four (Multiple games)
Where the above is located (Multiple games)
Boss that creates both fire and ice (Spirit Tracks)
Mandolin player of Mercay Island (Phantom Hourglass)
Ice enemy that tries to blow on Link and freeze him (Multiple games)
Group of singing frogs (Majora's Mask)
Song that revives a dead rooster (Link's Awakening)
Hanging boss in the Tower of the Winds (Four Sword Adventures)
Place frozen over (Four Sword Adventures)
School is Hyrule Town (Minish Cap)
Sky Island where Link plays a falling mini-game (Skyward Sword)
Ancient items that Midna seeks (Twilight Princess)
Apprentice of Eddo (Phantom Hourglass)
Shoots Link out of a canon (Twlight Princess)
Possessed Darbus (Twilight Princess)

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