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Big hangout on Windfall Island (Wind Waker)
Sailor who talks about an island depending on the direction of the wind (Wind Waker)
Cane that protects Link (A Link to the Past)
Cane that flips things (Minish Cap)
Cane that creates blocks (A Link to the Past/Oracle of Ages)
Bomb Shop owner (Wind Waker)
Location of Eddo's Garage (Phantom Hourglass)
Disguises Link as Captain Keeta (Majora's Mask)
Lokomo of the Ocean Realm (Spirit Tracks)
Guy who crafts figurines (Wind Waker/Minish Cap)
Wizard boss (Adventure of Link)
Group of guys who build things (Multiple games)
Summons/speeds up Epona (Four Sword Adventures)
Town around Hyrule Castle (Multiple games)
Swamp where Link needs the Pegasus Boots to cross (Minish Cap)
Gives Link the Quake Medallion (A Link to the Past)
Dungeon that Link has to dive to reach (Link's Awakening)
Human mine dungeon (Minish Cap)
Cave between Lake Hylia and Hyrule Castle (Four Sword Adventures)
Optional dungeon (Twilight Princess)
Friend of Groose with a crush on Karane (Skyward Sword)
Practice level (Four Swords)
Beggar who accepts donations from Link (Twilight Princess)
Lynna City inventor who passed away (Oracle of Ages)
Needed to build a raft (Oracle of Ages)
Goat who mails a fake picture (Link's Awakening)
Jelly enemy (Multiple games)
Owner of a high-end shop (Twilight Princess)
Fairy spirit of courage (Phantom Hourglass)
Home of the Occa (Twilight Princess)
Hookshot-like item (Twilight Princess)
Where Link finds Aldo (Wind Waker)
Center of Termina (Majora's Mask)
Opens at midnight of the final day (Majora's Mask)
Where the Wind Tribe lives (Minish Cap)
Where Link gets the Broken Sword (Oracle of Ages)
Knights who protected Mutoh (Phantom Hourglass)
Chancellor who turned out to be a demon (Spirit Tracks)
Shy Ordon villager who looks up to Link (Twilight Princess)
Song that can control others (Wind Waker)
Dungeon item that shows where the treasure chests are (Multiple games)
Poe brothers who invented magical songs (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Needed to catch Reekfish (Twilight Princess)
Gives Link a Lantern (Twilight Princess)
Blue chicken (Ocarina of Time)
Sign of marriage (Majora's Mask)
Animal that produces milk (Multiple games)
Fire Temple boss (Spirit Tracks)
Works for the Blacksmith (A Link Between Worlds)
Crab boss in the Temple of Courage (Phantom Hourglass)
Sells potions to Link (Link's Awakening)
Link helps her deliver milk (Majora's Mask)
Mountain where the Mountain Minish live (Minish Cap)
The Ghost Ship appears here during the full moon (Wind Waker)
Home of the Tokay (Oracle of Ages)
Grandfather of a rescue knight who chills at the Skyloft Bazaar (Skyward Sword)
Used to see invisible enemies (Adventure of Link)
Dungeon on the Rolling Ridge (Oracle of Ages)
The maidens are imprisoned in these (A Link to the Past/Four Sword Adventures)
Allows Sparrow to tell Link's fortune (Skyward Sword)
Ghost sisters boss on the Ghost Ship (Phantom Hourglass)
Chickens who attack when provoked (Multiple games)
Steals Link's rooster (Link's Awakening)
Romani Ranch Cucco area (Majora's Mask)
Pawn shop (Majora's Mask)
Cursed by Golden Skulltulas (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Portal to the Twilight Realm (Twilight Princess)
Temple of Wind boss (Phantom Hourglass)
Angry wind god who creates cyclones (Wind Waker)

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