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Back area of Hyrule Market (Ocarina of Time)
Hylian who wants to work at a Rito post office (Wind Waker)
Song used to travel with cyclones (Wind Waker)
Song to wake up the Wind Fish (Link's Awakening)
Used to smash ice and things (Twilight Princess)
Location of the clean cut challenge (Skyward Sword)
Island of the Old Wayfarer (Phantom Hourglass)
Electric jellyfish enemy (Multiple games)
Giant anemone boss (Ocarina of Time)
Kakariko Village Bomb Shop owner (Twilight Princess)
Rito guards (Wind Waker)
Demon who wants to be a human (Skyward Sword)
Enemy that shoots lasers (Multiple games)
Animals who like empty bottles (Majora's Mask)
Insect enemy that can be captured in some games (Multiple games)
Owns traveling shops (Multiple games)
Fishing bait/Treasure (Twilight Princess/Spirit Tracks)
Minish that gives you bombs (Minish Cap)
Evil phantom who possesses Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
Infuses potions (Skyward Sword)
Girl from Ordon Village or Poe Sister (Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time)
Gigantic Goron (Multiple games)
Sword made by the above (Ocarina of Time/Oracles)
Couple that wants you to name their child (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
Fire and ice boss (Spirit Tracks)
Father of Gulley and forger of swords (A Link Between Worlds)
Queen Ambi's Tower (Oracle of Ages)
Won Ricky's gloves (Oracle of Seasons)
Explosive mask (Majora's Mask)
Thief who rules Thieves' Town (A Link to the Past)
Possessed Yeta (Twilight Princess)
Candle that can only be used once per screen (Legend of Zelda)
Used to melt red ice (Ocarina of Time)
Increased defense (Multiple games)
Cure-all potion (Multiple games)
Plant enemy that drops magical seeds (Wind Waker)
Moblin enemy that fights with a stick (Wind Waker)
Song that teleports Link to Death Mountain Crater (Ocarina of Time)
Medallion that causes an explosion (A Link to the Past/Four Sword Adventures)
Moving explosives (Multiple games)
Respawning explosives (Multiple games)
Island with a secret gave, Ghost Ship, and Goron merchant (Wind Waker)
Explosives (Mutlpile games)
Society of Justice dedicated to helping sad people (Majora's Mask)
Invisible one-eyed boss with severed hands (Ocarina of Time)
You make your own song for this scarecrow (Ocarina of Time)
Weapon that stuns and comes back (Multiple games)
Allows Link to translate text (A Link to the Past)
Carlov's brother who runs a chest mini-game (Minish Cap)
Dungeon with a Genie boss (Link's Awakening)
Dungeon under the Kakariko Well (Ocarina of Time)
Weapon that shoots projectiles (Multiple games)
Treasure of the Sand Temple (Spirit Tracks)
Mask that allows you to march (Majora's Mask)
Giant bridge that is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl stage (Twilight Princess)
Builds a bridge and a fence (Spirit Tracks)
Vegetable vendor (Minish Cap)
Flaming skull enemy (Multiple games)
Green skin bandit enemy with a club (Twilight Princess/Spirit Tracks)
Kikwi elder (Skyward Sword)
Location of all types of bugs (Skyward Sword)
First people that Link meets in the Dark World (A Link to the Past)
Anouki who dislikes facial hair (Spirit Tracks)
Owner of the Rabbitland Rescue (Spirit Tracks)
Link turns into this in the Dark World (A Link to the Past)
Hood that makes you run fast (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
Enemies that sell Link stuff when defeated (Multiple games)
Enemy that zaps you when touches (Multiple games)
Lokomo who betrayed Anjean (Spirit Tracks)

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