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Fourth Mizukage and three-tails Jinchuriki
Founder of Akatsuki
Clan with telepathic abilities
Anbu member with the Wood Release
Chakra nature that breathes life into form, also known as the light style
More powerful form of Susanoo
Gaara's uncle
Questioned Itachi about Shisui's death
Mirror wielded by Itachi's Susanoo
Chakra nature that creates from nothingness
Chakra nature that can negate all ninjutsu
Abiity to teleport
Lost to Sasuke in the Chunin Exams
Shikamaru's mother
Hot Spring Village
Two-tails Jinchuriki
Anbu member and lover of Hayate
Clan with the Ice Release
Jonin who betrayed Sunagakure

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