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Body techniques
Powerful Jinchuriki ability
Iwa ninja killed by Obito
Desciple of Biwako
Father of Madara and Izuna
Team formed by Sasuke
Suna messenger hawk
Hidden Waterfall Village
Granddaughter of Nekobaa and girlfriend of Kiba
Small katana-like weapon
Flute player of the Sound 4
Bridge builder from the Land of Waves
Uchiha who investigated Shisui's death
Sand sibling who uses a giant fan
Blue dojutsu evolved from the Byakugan
Original tailed beast
Weapon expert of Team Guy
Owner of Ramen Ichiraku
Uncle of Sasuke and Itachi
Gaara's sand eye
Haku's needle technique
Akimichi special pills
Maksed man of Akatsuki
Another Suna hawk
Accidentally made Naruto kiss Sasuke
Second hokage
Specialized Jonin
Hyuga member of the infiltration party
Chunin of the interrogation force
Wanted to marry Hinata
Pet pig of the slug princess
Cat that likes to run away
Akimichi who served under the second hokage
Seal that Naruto used on Kurama
Kumo magnet user revived during the war
Aburame member of root
Basic jutsu that changes apperance
Hidan's ritual weapon
Can negate ninjutsu
Leader of Iwagakure
Genjutsu from the mangekyo sharingan
Kiba's mother
Slug princess and fifth hokage
Inari's mother
Tenten's signature move

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