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Pale Root member
Six-tailed beast
Sound 4 member with a conjoined twin
White fang of Konoha
Pink-haired medical-nin
Shark skin sword
Leads a team with Omoi and Karui
Guardians of the Land of Iron
Gaara's signature technique
Gaara's clone ability
Always on Gaara's back
Lethal technique used by Gaara
Yamanaka member who fought in the fourth war
Daughter of the Uchiha avenger
Has a crush on Gaara
Clan that the third hokage belongs to
Puppet user in Akatsuki
Uchiha avenger
Pakura's special nature
Item that seals things off
Needle weapon
Founding clan of Konoha
Sage techniques
Those with the ability to sense chakra
Transformation jutsu used to seduce the enemy
Solid clone ability that Naruto uses
Nara clan special technique
Taijutsu ability that follows the opponent closely
Two shuriken thrown at once
Second Kazekage
Uchiha Clan dojutsu
One of Kakashi's dog summons
Head of the Aburame Clan
Leader of Takigakure
Protects Gaara
Amegakure genin killed by Gaara
Cryptographer with big glasses
Son of Temari and the lazy genius
Father of the lazy genius
Lazy genius
Kimimaro's bone ability
Female elder toad
Clan that Danzo belongs to
Sai's deceased friend
Sharingan test subject with clones
Summoned through the dead demon consuming deal
Father of Kurenai
Son of the Aburame head
Deva Path ability to push things away
Priestess from the Land of Demons
Kusa ninja possesed by Orochimaru
Itachi's best friend
Tsunade's apprentice
One-tailed sand beast
Ninja star weapon
Quick way of killing
Leaves a cloud of smoke
Utakata's special ability
Four-tailed gorilla
Pseudo-jinchuriki monk
Hiruko's special chakra nature
Darui's special chakra nature
Deidara's attempt to kill everybody
Water-using member of Taka
Jutsu that summons something
Sand village
Giant being created by the Mangekyou
Quick style

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