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Kaguya's hair attack
Elite bodyguard with a scar
One of the seven swordsmen who was introduced in the anime first
Leader of Kumogakure
Kidomaru's baby spider attack
Ability to manipulate rain
Naruto's favorite place to eat
Fourth Kazekage
Powerful spiraling sphere
Dosu's ability that hurts ones ears
Dosu wears these on his arms
First Kazekage
Weapon used by Hidan
Danzo activated this as he died
Usable after opening three gates
Used to take Naruto to Mt. Myoboku
Tayuya's evil spirit attack
Deer belonging to the Nara Clan
One of the three great dojutsu
Prognetor of two dojutsu
Obito's crush
Clone technique used by Onoki
Only uses taijutsu
Third Hokage's attack with roof tiles
Disbanded faction of anbu
How Sasuke untied himself
Host of Son Goku
Where the snake summons are from

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