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Nagato is the man behind this identity
Kakashi's pug summon
Dead Suna kunoichi raised from the dead during the fourth war
Konan's chakram ability
Konan's clone technique
Konan's technique that can split water in half
Konan's shuriken ability
White Zetsu's clone ability
Minato and Naruto's dual technique
Akimichi tenchique that increases the size of one body part
Inuzuka spinning attack
Jugo's fist ability
Big rasengan with three others surrounding it
Inari's pet dog
Intoxicating substance
Shizune's poison technique
Sabu's raccoon companion
One of the six paths that allows the creation of a giant ball
Sand technique that swallows the enemy into the ground
Ability to invade minds
Kankuro, Sasori and Chiyo use these

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