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Assistant of the Fourth Raikage
Lady who keeps losing her cat
Uchiha founder of Konoha
Combined chakra nature of wind and earth
Tiny sharp objects
Advanced Sharingan
Brother of Suigetsu
Two-tailed cat
Girl with a crush on Gaara
Mother of Sakura
Healing ninja
Fifth Mizukage
One of the demon brothers
Evil counterapart of Naruto
Weapon used by the Demon Brothers
Son of Rock Lee
Member of Team Shigure
Samurai general of the Land of Iron
Eternal Genin
Rock Lee's sensei
Mother of Sasuke and Itachi
Fourth Hokage
Used to reach cursed seal level 2
Used to control others
Yamanaka technique that posseses others
Allows the use of telepathy
Daughter of Asuma and Kurenai
Member of the cypher division
Rogue ninja classification
Member of Team Kabuto who lost to Kankuro
Wife of the First Hokage
Head of the cryptoanalysis team
Leader of Kirigakure
Tricked Naruto into stealing a scroll
Female member of Team Ebisu
Gaara's sand arm
Certain-kill Taijutsu
Member of the Kumo Barrier Team
Second Tsuchikage
Member of Team Oboro
Used to channel Kisame
Akimichi technique that increases size
Aburame member who died during the fourth war
Heals by sending chakra

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